Experience Timeless Elegance at a Lorien Hotel Wedding

Newlyweds stand together under the brick front facade of the lorien hotel wedding venue

Nestled in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, the Lorien Hotel offers couples a sophisticated and intimate setting for their wedding celebration. With its blend of modern elegance and timeless charm, this hotel and spa provides the perfect backdrop for couples to exchange vows and celebrate their love surrounded by friends and family at a Lorien Hotel wedding. 

Details of a wedding ceremony set up with wooden chairs and an arbor on a rooftop lorien hotel wedding A bride stands in a window putting on her earrings A groom stands in a window holding the lapel of his blue suit A bride holds the door open while walking out onto her balcony at the lorien hotel wedding venue A groom shows off his fun pink socks while sitting on a couch

About The Lorien Hotel Wedding Venue

1600 King Street Alexandria VA 22314

From the stylishly appointed event spaces to the personalized service and attention to detail, every aspect of a wedding at the Lorien Hotel is designed to create an unforgettable experience that reflects the unique style and vision of each couple. With its prime location in one of the most historic and vibrant neighborhoods in Virginia, the Lorien Hotel sets the stage for a wedding day filled with romance, elegance, and cherished memories.

A bride gazes over her shoulder while standing on a rooftop at her lorien hotel wedding A groom waits for his bride to tap his shoulder on a rooftop balcony for their first look Newlyweds kiss in a back alley Newlyweds share a quiet moment gazing out a window of a hotel A bride holds her groom's hands during their wedding ceremony

Details of the Grounds

The Lorien Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, offers couples a selection of elegant and versatile spaces to host their dream wedding. Whether envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand affair, the hotel provides the perfect backdrop for every couple’s unique vision. The venues include the stylish Alexandria Ballroom, featuring contemporary decor and ample natural light, ideal for receptions of up to 120 guests. For more intimate engagements, the hotel offers the Garden Terrace. This picturesque outdoor space sits surrounded by lush greenery and blooming flowers. All of these elements create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Additionally, the Lorien Hotel’s team of experienced event planners stays on hand. They ensure every detail receives meticulous planning and execution to perfection. With its stunning event spaces and unparalleled service, the Lorien Hotel sets the stage for a truly unforgettable celebration.

A groom reads his vows from a leather book in a blue suit on a rooftop ceremony A groom stands at the altar reading his vows from a book to his bride during their lorien hotel wedding Newlyweds share a big kiss under the arbor to end their rooftop lorien hotel wedding ceremony Newlyweds laugh while leaning in for a kiss in a window at their wedding Newlyweds hold hands and walk together down a quiet street

Photography Opportunities

At the Lorien Hotel, couples have access to a variety of stunning locations for capturing unforgettable wedding photos. One of the most picturesque spots is the hotel’s Garden Terrace. This space features tons of greenery, vibrant flowers, and a charming ambiance. Perfect for romantic and intimate portraits. Additionally, the historic streets and cobblestone alleys of Old Town provide a timeless backdrop for capturing the couple’s love story. All against the backdrop of historic architecture and quaint storefronts! For couples seeking a more urban vibe, the bustling waterfront area along the Potomac River offers breathtaking views! We can work around the water as well as use iconic landmarks. With its blend of natural beauty and historic charm, the Lorien Hotel provides endless opportunities for couples to create stunning photos.

Newlyweds kiss while walking in the street Newlyweds walk together on the brick pathways outside the lorien hotel wedding venue Newlyweds hold hands while walking on the brick sidewalk and holding the train Newlyweds kiss under the front facade at their lorien hotel wedding Newlyweds laugh and celebrate as the groom lifts his bride in the street Newlyweds share a quiet kiss in an alley behind the lorien hotel wedding venue

Wedding Details

At the Lorien Hotel, attention to detail is paramount in crafting the perfect wedding experience for couples and their guests. From personalized décor to exquisite culinary offerings, every aspect of a wedding at the Lorien is meticulously curated to reflect the couple’s unique style and vision. The hotel’s team of experienced event planners works closely with couples to ensure that every detail, from the floral arrangements to the table settings, is executed flawlessly. With its elegant event spaces, exceptional service, and commitment to excellence, the Lorien Hotel provides the perfect setting for couples to marry!

Newlyweds laugh and hold hands while walking in an alley Newlyweds kiss at the front entrance to the lorien hotel wedding venue A view of the steakhouse at the lorien hotel wedding venue Details of a wedding reception for a small wedding in a lorien hotel wedding steakhouse Details of a wedding reception table set with gold silverware and candles at a lorien hotel wedding

You Will Love The Magical Photos We Capture At Your Lorien Hotel Wedding

In conclusion, your Lorien Hotel wedding may just be the wedding everyone is talking about in your circle. With its stunning event spaces and details, you truly cannot have a better space to say your “I dos.” 

As a wedding photographer, I have taken my fair share of wedding photos. Since you’re in the market for a wedding venue, I would love to assist you with capturing those wedding portraits. So, contact me today to start the conversation!

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