Historic Wedding Venue in Loudoun County, Virginia

Side and front view of Mt. Zion Church, a historic building from the civil war era.

Choosing a wedding venue is a big task; there are so many things to consider when choosing the right one. The venue that you choose will be the backdrop of your story and a place that you’ll never forget. If you’re recently engaged, let me be among the first to say CONGRATS! Planning the perfect wedding can feel overwhelming, but don’t worry, I’m here to help. I’ve traveled all over Northern Virginia and just had to stop when I saw this charming historic church wedding venue! Keep reading for inspiration and information to help you learn about a unique venue option in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Wedding at Mt. Zion Historic Park

Alex McCormick stood in the parking lot of Mt. Zion to get this photo of Mt. Zion Wedding Venue.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue

Accessibility, Location, and Guest Count

Mt. Zion is historically significant and offers a unique setting for a wedding. With seating for up to 85 people, this venue is perfect for a small brunch or afternoon wedding. It is important to note that there are no bathroom or facilities at the church, but you can rent a portable trailer. There is no AC inside the church, but you can rent a temperature controlled tent for your reception. The church interior contains classic pew style seating. A 19th-century style pulpit overlooks the crowd. The simple interior creates a very intimate setting for a wedding ceremony. The church building sits at the intersection of the Old Carolina Road and Route 50.

View of the front of the church on the inside, where the ceremony would be held. Take note of the natural light from the windows.

Exterior view (left) and interior view (right) which also showcases the balcony inside the church.Transforming the Space

There are many ways to transform the ceremony space and grounds to be epic, beautiful, and unique to you as a couple. Because of the relatively low cost of renting Mt. Zion for your event, you’ll likely have more of your budget to spend on florals or rentals that can really transform the space and bring that wow factor.

Think of this historic wedding venue as a blank slate. I highly recommend that you plan a visit to the venue with a wedding planner to take note of the possibilities. It is exciting to dream up all of the amazing moments that will unfold on your wedding day.

View of the edge of the parking lot into the green space.

Rental Fee & Logistical Things

Couples have the option for renting for either the ceremony only or ceremony + the grounds for a reception. Learn more about the rental fees by visiting the NoVa Parks website.  There is on-site parking for your guests, so there is likely no need for you to need transportation services. Mt. Zion is approximately two miles from the adorable town of Aldie, which offers several small inns and bed and breakfasts. Just a little further down the road is Middleburg, another small town offering a range of accommodations, shopping and great places for your guests to eat and drink if spending the weekend.

An interior view of Mt. Zion (left) and an old hymnal found in the church (right).What else is there to know when considering Mt. Zion as a potential wedding venue?

The venue can be described as historic, affordable, and bucolic. With Spring and Autumn being the best seasons to get married in Virginia, it is also the best time to get married at Mt. Zion. It is important to note what time sunset is going to be on your wedding day. Because sunset is relatively early in the spring and fall, it may be best to do an early morning ceremony followed by a catered brunch.

A view from the back of Mt. Zion building. Alex thinks the photo (right) would make for a nice backdrop for portraits.

A Team Effort to Bringing Your Dream Wedding Day to Life

While it is possible to plan your own wedding, it is nice to know you have a vendor team full of professionals that you can rely on. While this venue does allow your choice of outside vendors, they do require catering to be done through Great Blue Heron. According to the NoVa Parks website, many couples host their wedding at Mt. Zion, and then go to Aldie for a catered reception. If you prefer to have both your ceremony and reception at Mt. Zion, you can opt to rent an outdoor tent to hold space for your reception just outside of the church.  Click here to learn more about on-site catering. It is important to note that there is no alcohol permitted onsite, unless it is provided by Great Blue Heron.

A view from underneath a large tree, looking back towards the front of the church as well as the parking lot.

Photography Considerations

Mt. Zion offers unique locations that would be great for bridal party and family portraits. The church is surrounded by trees that provide shade and nice setting for a first look or portraits. The building blocks the sun throughout parts of the day, offering full shade areas next to it for even lighting. The church offers ample natural light for the ceremony if held during the day time. There is no bridal suite or groom suite at this venue, so you would plan to get ready off-site. With a gorgeous bridal bouquet and fun decor, you can really transform this venue to be something spectacular.

Large trees provide a gorgeous setting for bridal portraits. The photo on the right is of the flat green space where you could put your reception tent.Historic Wedding Venue

I hope this Ultimate Guide to planning your wedding at Mt. Zion, a unique and charming wedding venue in Loudoun County, Virginia was helpful. I’m always here to help you make the most of this exciting time. Be sure to check out my wedding photography page, and let’s start planning! While you’re here, you can also check out my post on Natural Wedding Decor With a Washington DC Wedding Florist!

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